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Maritim Trainee is now looking for talented graduates - a unique way to start your career

Do you want to work in an international industry where Norwegian companies are world-leading?
Are you interested in joining one of Norway’s leading trainee programs? Maritim Trainee is a unique way to kickstart your career. In the program you will rotate in different divisions so that you can try different roles in the company. You will have the oppurtunity to work abroad as part of your time as a trainee. In addition, you will be assigned a mentor and participate in 5 academic modules in Norway, London and Singapore.
Do you want to kick-start your career? Then you should apply to Maritime Trainee before the 1st of December.

Relevant positions include: 

BW: Maritime Trainee - Digital & Commercial Trainee (2 positions)

Color Line: Maritime Trainee – Digital/Commercial

Höegh LNG: Maritime Trainee - Technical

Höegh Autoliners: Maritime Trainee – Commercial (2 positions)

Klaveness: Maritime Trainee - Finance

Skuld: Maritime Trainee Claims & Loss Prevention

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Om Maritime Trainee

If you are about to finish your master’s degree in technology, business, IT or law you should consider applying to this renowned program. Applicants with 1-2 years’ work experience are also encouraged to apply. The program lasts for 18 months and combines working in a world leading maritime company with an academic program with five modules conducted in Norway, Singapore and London. This is an outstanding way to start a career in  a global industry where Norway is one of the leading nations. As a trainee you will work in a leading Norwegian maritime company and participate in an academic program with five modules in Norway and abroad. The academic program will cover topics such as digitalization of the maritime industry, insurance, finance and international regulations and maritime market opportunities within the ocean industries (offshore oil and gas, offshore renewable, aquaculture and fisheries, deep sea mining etc.). You will be hired in a permanent job and given a mentor that will support you as you embark on a global career. As part of the 18-months long program, you will rotate in the company’s different departments in Norway and abroad. This gives you a unique platform to kickstart your career. 

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