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Internship Oliasoft 2018

Start Date: June 2018

Application Deadline: We review applications on an ongoing basis

Location: Skøyen, Norway

For more information about Oliasoft, please go to our webpage

Founded in 2015, by oil and software industry veterans, Oliasoft provides modern software solutions

for the oil and gas industry. Our first product, Oliasoft Wellplan, is getting close to world-wide release

and we need more developers to help us expand our markets, both product-wise and geographically.

Our products optimize design and production processes, leading to safer oil production, less waste

and lower costs. We do this by combining industry leading commercial and academic research with

modern software platforms and distribution. We do not require that you know our industry already

(oil and gas domain), but if you do you typically have a leg up. Our first product targets well planning

processes such as trajectory-, casing- and tubing design, and later blowout simulations and conductor


We are looking for passionate and talented software developers for our intern positions. Ideally you

have both experience from software development and a solid theoretical background in mathematics

and physics as we are modelling different physical processes (high pressure/high temperature,

gas/liquids, multiphase flow). The right candidate will have a strong interest in programming and

have experience with multiple languages including java. We’re already utilizing WebGL in the

browser, but we’re also thinking about how we can utilize the GPU client-side for things we’re

currently doing server-side using high performance math libraries, GPU/CUDA/OpenCL and similar.

You need to be curious by nature and have the ability to learn new things rapidly.

Oliasoft holds a combination of software experience and oil and gas knowledge, meaning you will be

able to gain insight in both disciplines. You will be given challenging assignments with great

responsibility and your work will have a direct impact on our product development. Oliasoft is a

flexible and fun place to work. We are looking forward to gaining new knowledge from you as we

believe that young people have an innovative mindset.

If this is of interest, please send your application to today!

Om Oliasoft

Founded in 2015, by oil and software industry veterans Oliasoft provides modern software for the oil and gas industry. Our web-based products bring a fresh perspective to well planning, casing and other drilling engineering processes.

We are proud to introduce Wellplan™, a cutting edge cloud-based web application with a highly usable interface offering easy access to tools employing algorithms and calculations based on the latest industry research.

Wellplan™ radically simplifies drilling work processes, making data available for every task required for designing well trajectories and casing and tubing design.

Our goal is to develop software that help drilling engineers in their challenges of making cost efficient, safe and effective wells.

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