Publisert: 22.03.18

Summer Internship

Are you passionate about programming and willing to try to solve one of the IT world's most costly problems?

We are looking for talented developers for paid summer internships, with the possibility of converting into full, or part-time employment. Help us build the next generation of business tools and work alongside some of Norway's best developers.

Build our first chat bot
Using NLP you can help us prototype our first chat bot powered by Ardoq's Enterprise Intelligence Graph, that will enable customers to answer any question about their organization using natural language

Learn JavaScript using d3.js, React and Redux
Help us develop our complex front-end application by writing front-end modules and data-driven visualizations. Learn the languages, tools and frameworks that are powering modern applications.

Make an impact - code for people
Lets face it, software should be written for people, but at the university we spend far too much time writing code that isn't used by anyone. Here, you will get a chance to deploy directly to our ever-growing customer base, which includes Telia, Komplett, Cap Gemini and Hafslund

While experience is a plus, what we value the most is that you are driven, willing to learn and ready to tackle problems you probably haven't seen before.

Note: There are three rounds. After screening you will be contacted for a short talk where we get to know each other, and then you'll have a go at a programming challenge of algorithmic nature.

Wondering about something?

Om Ardoq

An Idea Born of Frustration

Working at numerous companies, big and small, we always had trouble finding historical documentation. It took days to navigate the local system architecture. And even when we found documentation, the lack of standardization made things even harder. To make matters worse, we never really understood the big picture, “how were we affecting other teams, processes, and systems?” we could never know.

All this wasted time was costing these companies money and causing employees huge amounts of frustration, especially when new staff arrived. So we decided to stop pulling our hair out and created a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to the solutions you find in enterprise architecture and documentation software.

A Low Cost, Smarter Solution

Our aim was to give you unprecedented control and insight into your systems, without the need for complex, expensive tools. So we’ve created something that does more than traditional enterprise architecture, costs less and adds real value to your business. And we’ve added unique systems architecture maps, giving you at-a-glance insight, so key decisions are based on the most up-to-data information.

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