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Software developer

About us

Metaito is a student startup from NTNU. The company was founded in February 2019 and is now located at Gründerbrakka, Gløshaugen. We are developing Factsplat, a platform that lets you create visual maps for navigating the internet, both at work and at home.

Background and motivation

"There is an app for everything" is a famous quote. Today we can add "web based" to the statement. But still, there is no single app for everything. We constantly juggle apps that we choose based on goals, preferences and context. We use several apps for similar goals and we often use them in multiple contexts, such as work and personal.

Factsplat will let you organize any app, in other words it will help you juggle. It will let you use apps across contexts, as well as letting you use another one when it better suits your goals.

We want to create a distraction free environment where you can organize the internet in a way that makes sense to you, while utilizing the strengths of the community. We want to give you focus and collaboration, without compromise.

About the position


  • Design and develop front-end applications in Vue JS
  • Integrate towards a modern backend based on Phoenix, Elixir


  • Willing to learn
  • Able to work independently
  • Wanting to build something great

Not required

  • Previous knowledge about frameworks
  • A lot of experience

This is an unpaid position with a trial period. It can result in:

  • A part time job (paid)
  • Summer job (paid)
  • Stock options

Why us?

  • We are building something that we believe in. 
  • You have the possibility to become part of the core team and make a big impact.
  • We will distribute stocks fairly based on commitment, contribution and level of responsibility.

Om Metaito

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