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Associate of Customer Success

Join our team as an Associate of Customer Projects and work in teams responsible for delivering Cognite’s cutting edge technology to our customers!

We believe data has the potential to be the industry’s most valuable asset. The Cognite Data Fusion presents a digital representation of industrial reality to make it accessible and meaningful for humans and machines. If you are a current student graduating in 2020, we hope you are one of the brilliant minds we want to join us!

Cognite is comprised of the talent and energy of about 250 people from 45 different countries with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We are bound by a common commitment to liberate data and drive innovation in asset heavy industries.

As Associate of Customer Projects you will be driving our customers’ digital transformations, freeing up their data and unlocking value together with a team of fellow Cogniters. This process requires initiative and creativity, combined with a systematic approach and a strong passion for creating customer value using advanced technology. In the associate role, you will join a team consisting of data scientists, solution architects and domain experts to design, develop and operationalise digital solutions across various industries.

The position will give you a unique opportunity to work with and learn from people with various backgrounds with experience from management consulting, software enterprise companies or industrial companies and education within engineering, economics, computer science and more.

As Associate of Customer Projects you will take on tasks such as identifying use cases with the customer, drive project progress, and work hands on with Cognite’s technology side by side with our data scientists and solution architects. When delivering Cognite’s solutions, you will be responsible for end-user success. Being the focal point of contact you will work closely with our customers to find out ways of using the Cognite Data Fusion. Being able to show persistence and adaptability when faced with unexpected challenges and ambiguity is an important part of leading the day to day work of a project. You will also have the role of translator and coordinator between the customers and Cognite’s R&D and Product Management teams and advise on development priorities. This means that you need to be a good communicator, enjoy working closely with people to solve challenging problems and be able to understand complex technology.

Cognite is expanding fast. This year, we’re going global and continue to increase our customer base. This means countless opportunities for you to learn and grow, all with the support of an excellent team. Everyone at Cognite is encouraged to speak up, use their skills, and make their own impact.

As a newly graduate you will have a mentor from within the Customer Success team helping you get started, navigate Cognite and ensuring that you are given the tools, training and challenges to develop further.

Join us to help build the world's best customer success team and scale our technology!

Some of these statements should describe you...

  • Have Masters or Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Math or similar.
  • Able to work independently and prepared to perform in a dynamic and ambiguous working environment
  • Enjoy challenges and dare to set ambitious goals that drive innovation
  • Take initiative and responsibility for building strong teams and customer relationships
  • Motivated to travel
  • Have exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Interested in learning and working hands on with data and technology
  • Prior experience from working within data science, management consulting, project management, start-ups or industry through internships is an advantage
  • Passionate about driving change and creating success for customers

What we offer you

  • An opportunity to make an impact on the industrial future and be part of groundbreaking projects
  • A chance to join a young, engaging team of brilliant people
  • Minimal bureaucracy and overhead, with focus on agility and speed
  • Endless opportunities to develop skills and grow, including international possibilities
  • An open, friendly and diverse company culture
  • High level of autonomy, ability to influence decisions and to learn from mistakes
  • Regular internal and external tech-talks
  • The world’s best Customer Success team!
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Free food, snacks and drinks
  • Free staffed gym (we also do soccer practice every Friday)
  • Emphasis on individual health, including access to private medical clinic
  • New, attractive offices

Om Cognite


Liberating data and changing the real-world

Cognite is a young, talented, fast growing software company with ambition of building the world's best industrial brain. A brain with the ability to ingest, process and engage in conversations based on huge amounts of industrial data using cognitive computing.

Cognite has already secured significant long-term engagements with large Norwegian Industrial players but it is now enjoying a tremendous interest for its technology from some of the largest industrial companies from Japan to USA. We are ramping up all our teams looking for colleagues matching or surpassing our outstanding founding team.

We are looking for Bachelor or Master students interested participating to the company´s build-up both locally and globally. You would join a team of already more than 50 colleagues with backgrounds in data science, computer engineering, gaming, management consultancy and strategy.

What we do

Cognite’s platform is built to aggregates and structures tremendous amounts of data ranging drawing from as many sources as we can access: from hundreds of thousands of real-time sensors, to 3D models, maintenance logs and process diagrams. The Cognite industrial internet of things platform supports unified, scalable, and secure access to data for internal and external data scientist and industry experts who can create advanced analytics models, algorithms and applications to visualize and solve real-world critical problems.

The clients and applications are immense, from wind and energy to shipping, offshore and even transportation and cars.

To succeed, we need a lot of skill-sets, such as backend programming with large scale distributed systems, real-time systems, machine learning, optimization, web frontends, 3D-models, robots and more. We will also need project management and experience in consulting for customers. It will be a very exciting environment where team members will learn new skills from some of the best.

We have an extremely talented team with experience founding companies (FAST, Cxense) and developing technology at Google, Microsoft, Aker, Telenor, Schibsted and more.

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