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PhD Candidate position in CINELDI

About the position

There is a temporary position available at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management as PhD Candidate in industrial economics and technology management for a period of 3 years. The position is resident at NTNU’s campus in Trondheim. This is an educational position, which will provide promising research recruits the opportunity for professional development through studies towards a PhD degree.

This position is part of the Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution (CINELDI) and hosted at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management in cooperation with SINTEF Energy Research and the Department of Electric Power Engineering.

CINELDI is a multidisciplinary research Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) awarded by the Research Council of Norway. CINELDI is hosted by SINTEF Energy Research with NTNU as a major research partner.

CINELDI seeks to develop expertise and promote innovation through focus on long-term research, development and education related to flexible and intelligent energy systems (smart grids). CINELDI works towards digitalising and modernising the electricity distribution grid for higher efficiency, flexibility and resilience. The objective is to tailor the grid for use by smart grid customers, electric vehicles, solar power facilities and other renewable electric power in a cost-efficient way.

The PhD will work closely with other PhDs/post doctors and researchers within CINELDI.

The position is connected to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Economics and Management and the faculty will be your employer. The main supervisor is Associate Professor Maria Lavrutich at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management.

Information about the Department

The Department is organized into six sections:

  • Managerial Economics, Finance and Operations Research
  • Health, Safety and Environment Management
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Experts in Teamwork
  • Section of Economics and Management (Campus Gjøvik)

The position is part of the Managerial Economics, Finance and Operations Research section. For further information about the department, see our website.

Main duties and responsibilities

The position is part of the research project "Transition pathways for smart distribution grids in view of new technologies, digitalization, regulation, markets and other drivers”.

Distribution grids are experiencing a transformation driven by decarbonization, decentralized generation, digitalization, and the emergence of flexibility markets. In this transition, achieving a flexible, robust, and cost-efficient electricity distribution system requires complex interactions of a variety of actors and technologies. In order to enable the transition towards feasible long-term scenarios for distribution grids, policy makers need to understand the impact of short-term regulatory measures, market designs and incentive schemes to promote robust and cost-efficient electricity distribution system transition supported by system innovation and new technologies and solutions. These measures should allow for optimal resource allocation in both the long-term (investments) and short-term (security of electricity supply and power system balance). In this attempt, new market designs and business models will be crucial to ensure social welfare.

The focus of the PhD project is to identify efficient market and regulatory mechanisms to support the long-term transition with short-term measures. The objective is to analyze and understand the long-term impacts of market-regulatory frameworks, interactions of a variety of actors as well as different technologies on the transformation of smart distribution grids.  The PhD project will study the effects of different flexibility markets, tariffs and other incentive schemes. These aspects will be studied in view of scenarios for the future distribution system developed in CINELDI also including technology details and descriptions of the technological capabilities.

The main purpose is to see how to incentivize investments in smart grid infrastructure in order to support plausible transition scenarios. The efficiency of these measures will then be assessed in terms of socio-economic welfare and distribution perspectives. Methods used will be from economics, optimization and electric power engineering. Knowledge of the power system and distribution grids, as well as economic regulation of grid companies/monopoly regulation is an advantage.

Please have a look at for the complete job advert.

Application deadline: 01.03.2020


Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

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