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Architect Greenhouse - Program for IT graduates

Architect Greenhouse is a three year program that allows IT graduates to grow into IT architects through a mix of practical experience and academic education. The intention is to enable you to contribute to DNB's development of future banking products and services.

You will become part of one of Norway's largest and most innovative IT environment, and after completing the program you will have gained necessary skills and competence to work as an IT architect.

This is a permanent position in DNB where you get:

  • hands-on experience with programming in different languages (Java, .NET, Python, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, React++)
  • international experience by working abroad with our strategic sourcing partners
  • post-graduate education in collaboration with the University of Oslo
  • mentoring from our most experienced IT architects
  • to be part of DNB's Graduate program where you will have the opportunity to build a unique network and develop both professionally and personally
  • to work in a safe and social environment, with friendly and smart people who value gender balance and a diversity
  • to work in one of Norway's largest companies with global influence and strong focus on corporate social responsibility
  • to select work assignments from a portfolio of DNB's coolest projects and new technologies (Cloud, Machine Learning, Big Data, Open APIs, Agile application development ++)

Who is a DNB IT architect?

DNB is more than just a bank – we also have ambitions to become one of Europe's leading technology companies. The role of IT architects is central to the future development of the bank and its IT solutions used by millions of people daily.

An IT architect is a person who communicates, designs and lays foundations for new and improved IT services. DNB's IT architects have a unique overview of our entire technical portfolio and a good understanding of the bank's operations. IT architects follow the development from an early idea phase to a final deployment and are often involved in discovering and solving technical problems to ensure successful implementation. Another important task is to keep up with new technologies and trends that can contribute to further development of the business and innovation of new services and products.

Do I do this alone?

In DNB, we place great emphasis on developing sustainable solutions by diverse teams. In addition, a critical success factor is our mentoring scheme; you become a part of an exciting and knowledgeable IT environment, where you get personal follow-up of the best IT architects in the bank, as well as daily follow-up of experienced developers.

How can I be able to work as an IT architect with so little experience?

An important part of the program is to give you the skills boost you need to become an IT architect. Therefore we have tailor-made our own IT architecture program together with UiO. In addition, through participation in project work, you will gain the hands-on knowledge required to become a skilled architect.

So, who am I?

You are a recent IT master graduate or have a maximum of one year full time work experience in total, and you are genuinely interested in programming. Which programming languages you prefer does not matter, as this can be anything from Java, .NET, Python, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, React, etc. The most important is that you find programming fun! And that you are eager to develop further and see yourself taking responsibility for tasks that go beyond programming in the future.

So, what else can DNB offer me?

  • Working in-house in modern facilities in a good workplace where we focus on continuous professional development of our employees
  • The opportunity to attend conferences both in Norway and abroad
  • Good terms of employment with many perks like best in class travel and health insurance and pension scheme
  • Flexible working hours, extra days off and reduced working hours from May to August (summer time)
  • Full salary during parental leave and illness
  • Access to DNB cabins across Norway and in the mountains of eastern Norway and France
  • Discounted agreements with Sats Elixia and the possibility of training during working hours

NB: Please make sure that your attatchments such as diplomas uploads properly, as some candidates have experienced technical issues.



DNB er Norges største og et av Nordens ledende finanskonsern - men vi er mer enn bare en bank.

Bank- og finansbransjen er i stor endring og kundenes adferd i konstant utvikling. Derfor har DNB fullt fokus på digitalisering og forretningsutvikling. Vi skal være først med innovative løsninger i den nye digitale bankvirkeligheten og har ambisjoner om å bli et av Europas ledende teknologiselskaper. For å få til dette trenger vi "digital natives" på laget!

I Universum-undersøkelsen 2015, 2016 og 2017 ble DNB kåret av økonomistudenter til Norges mest attraktive arbeidsgiver. Ikke minst nådde vi i år også pallen blant teknologistudentene.


Uten endring i dag er vi ikke ledende i morgen. Derfor trenger vi nye mennesker, med nye tanker og ideer. Ønsker du å skape det neste som gjør livet til kundene litt enklere? Er du nysgjerrig, våger å utfordre, men også klok nok til å lytte? Brenner du for teknologi og har lyst til å gjøre en forskjell? Da kan det være deg vi ser etter.

For studenter og nyutdannede tilbyr vi en rekke spennende utviklingsmuligheter i kompetente fagmiljøer:

  • Graduateprogram
  • Internship
  • Deltidsjobber
  • Oppgavesamarbeid
  • Sommerjobber

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