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PhD Candidate Clean Energy Export

PhD position within Planning Clean Energy Exports from Norway to Europe

There is a temporary PhD position for 3 years available at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management – Section Managerial Economics, Finance and Operation Research. The position is resident at NTNUs campus in Trondheim. This is an educational position, which will provide promising research recruits the opportunity for professional development through studies towards a PhD degree. The position is connected to the PhD program at the Faculty of Economics and Management and the faculty will be your employer.

This PhD is part of the Clean Export project with partners, NTNU, SINTEF Energi, Agder Energi, Air Liquid, Equinor, Gassco, Total E&P Norge.

Significant reductions in the cost of solar and wind energy have led policy makers and researchers to suggest a zero emission power system in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. A viable, clean electricity grid in all seasons and over long periods requires substantial sources of flexibility in the energy mix such as hydropower and natural gas with carbon capture and storage (CCS). Greening the power generation sector alone is not enough to reach the Paris climate targets. CO2 savings will also need to be made in the industry, transport (long distance, aviation, shipping), and building (e.g. residential heating) sectors. This is particularly important for Norway where emission reductions will have to be made in these sectors to achieve its climate target as 98% of the electricity production comes from renewable sources – primarily hydropower. Specifically, one of the technologies pointed out as being important to reduce CO2 emissions from these sectors is hydrogen.

Norway's economy has to a large extent been boosted by the export of oil and gas, contributing by around 450 Billion NOK in 2017. The market trends towards low-emission energy carriers offer challenges and opportunities to Norway’s prospects as an energy exporting country. Norwegian natural gas can be converted to clean hydrogen with the help of CCS for export and potentially triggering the development of a domestic hydrogen market.

The project will develop stochastic optimization models to represent an energy system with multiple energy carriers (e.g. heat and electricity) and technologies. The model will have a detailed representation of clean energy exports for Norway coupled with a European energy system model. The analysis will focus on analysing long-term strategies for Norway to adapt to EU decarbonization pathways. The design, development and ideas of the model to analyse clean exports for Norway will be at the centre of the project.

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