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Are you our new developer?

Why do we do what we do?

The building industry alone accounts for 40% of the global CO2 emissions. We believe that reducing this number starts with looking at materials we already have. Reuse of building materials is however not easy to coordinate and execute. Our mission is therefore to make this information available, and facilitate the process from design to construction. Through a series of web-applications and integrations with Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, we’ve started to form synchronized and comprehensive solutions to help the building industry reduce its climate change.

The Job

We are looking for a backend/fullstack developer who can help us bring our systems to the next level. We continue to get more clients with different needs from our software, and we need someone who can help us evolve with the changing market. We primarily need a backend developer, but it would also be desirable to have someone who could be engaged with the web applications as well. Being a small team, Tvinn Solutions needs employees who want to engage in the bigger picture. This means that you as a developer could also contribute to the evolution of our design and philosophy, and have an important “seat at the table” in regards to the direction of the company.

What’s in it for you?

- Work at a startup with malleable solutions, where your ideas, interpretations and skills are in the forefront of the development.

- An opportunity to help the building industry reduce its climate emissions, by shaping new ways of tackling design and coordination in reuse-oriented projects

- Focus on the backend systems you specialize in, but with the opportunity to engage with other types of frontend work, desktop applications, or product design as your curiosity allows

- A competitive startup salary and healthy stock compensation package

- Newly refurbished office space (with reused materials of course) as part of the vibrant and creative community of 657 Oslo

- The equipment you need to do the job

- Pension arrangements and insurance

- And of course great lunch together with the two other design firms sharing our office space

Personal qualifications 

- You like to familiarize yourself with challenging technology and domains

- You are a responsible and independent person

- You are good at collaborating across disciplines, where you strive to make others better

- No work experience needed, but of course it might come in handy.


- For the backend you should be able to handle Python and Django and Azure services and hosting

- It is a big plus if you have experience with React and Next.js

- It is also an advantage if you are familiar with C# and .NET Framework, and BIM software such as Autodesk Revit and/or Graphisoft Archicad


- Design, build and enhance high-performance, scalable backend systems

- Integration of developed systems into the larger family of products

- Write clean, maintainable and efficient code

- Possibly engage in the frontend web development focused on the React framework

- Curiosity and engagement with the design and philosophy of all Tvinn Solutions products

If you are a driven developer with passion for innovative solutions, and this seems like a good job for you to grow and evolve, we encourage you to reach out for an informal chat - [email protected] // +47 94 86 61 31 //

Om Tvinn Solutions

Tvinn Solutions utvikler løsninger for formidling av- og prosjektering med ombruksvarer. Slik hjelper vi byggebransjen redusere sitt klimagassutslipp!

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