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Cloud Security Trainee

Join our efforts to make our society’s institutions more resilient against Cyber-attacks.

mnemonic is extending our presence in Trondheim by establishing a local "cloud security hub". During 2024 we will hire 3 to 7 students as trainees within the field of Cloud Security.

This position is a great starting point for a career in cyber security. Many of our former trainees have moved on to full-time positions within mnemonic. They now work in expert roles in disciplines such as system integration, threat intelligence, blue team defenders, security architects, product experts, incident handlers, developers and more.

Why mnemonic?

  • mnemonic is the Nordic region’s leading IT and information security company, offering a unique combination of services and solutions. mnemonic currently has more than 400 employees, and we are rapidly growing both in Norway and internationally. We are ranked as Norway’s best workplace by Great Place to Work.
  • We have some of the most exiting assignments in Norway. Eight of ten of Norway’s largest companies are among our customers. As well as most large public institutions.
  • Our company covers most areas within IT- and information security. Including offensive, defensive and preventive cybersecurity services. Ranging from security governance to incident response.
  • We have a local office in Trondheim where about ten students from local universities are present already.
  • mnemonic actively fosters a diverse and inclusive environment with employees from more than 20 nationalities. We recognize that diverse perspectives enhance our ability to address complex cybersecurity challenges effectively. We are committed to promoting diversity through our hiring practices, employee development programs, and community outreach initiatives.

What will a trainee do?

  • You will work and get educated within the field of cloud security. Examples of specializations might be: Cloud infrastructure, SecDevOps, cloud detection engineering, cloud forensics, cloud service architecture and more.
  • During the first six months of the trainee-program, getting to know mnemonic, the industry and certain technologies will be in focus.
  • Thereafter, based on your own wishes and mnemonic’s needs you will be assigned internal and external projects. This can include real customer assignments together with a mentor.
  • You will get everyday support by our students already present in Trondheim. More senior mentors located in Oslo and around the world will also help you specialize, and be your guides in real-world customer assignments.
  • We acknowledge you are a student and adapt all tasks and assignments to your education schedule. We expect you to be available up to 40% throughout a year (less during exam-periods and maybe more during holidays).
  • All trainees will work as a team in the same location (Currently "Pirsenteret" in Trondheim). After initial training and on-boarding the trainees will specialize for work in one of mnemonic’s technical groups.

Who are you?

  • You are studying IT, and possibly plan to specialize within cyber security
  • You are a curious and creative mind who likes to discuss ideas and put them into life
  • You are interested in information security – and would like to pursue a career within the domain
  • You have interest in working with public cloud platforms (such as Azure, AWS and GCP)

What can mnemonic offer?

  • Exciting development projects related to information security and analysis in a unique environment consisting of more than 300 security specialists who work with some of the most demanding and awarding challenges within information security. All in an international context.
  • Trainees and students are included in our many social gatherings and initiatives – both in Trondheim and for mnemonic as a whole.
  • We provide official trainings within public cloud platforms and enterprise cloud security solutions. This comes in addition to internal forums and training initiatives.
  • Possibility to participate in real customer projects during studies – giving your career a head start
  • Most trainees are offered fulltime jobs in mnemonic after studies.

How do you apply?

Om mnemonic as

mnemonic hjelper virksomheter med å administrere og håndtere sine sikkerhetsrisikoer, beskytte sine data og forsvare seg mot trusler fra Internett.

Vårt ekspertteam av sikkerhetskonsulenter, produktspesialister, trusseletterforskere, team av hendelseshåndterere og etiske hackere, kombinert med vår Argus sikkerhetsplattform sikrer at vi ligger i forkant av avanserte angrep fra Internett og beskytter våre kunder fra nye trusler.

Vi er en av de største Informasjonssikkerhetstjenesteleverandørene i Europa, den foretrukne sikkerhetspartner av regionens største selskaper og en betrodd kilde til Europol og andre politimyndigheter globalt av informasjon fra vårt trusseletterretningsarbeid.

Med et sett av sikkerhetstjenester drevet av innovative og smarte løsninger, sikkerhetseksperter og partnerskap med ledende sikkerhetsleverandører, gjør mnemonic det mulig for bedrifter å forbli sikret, og å overholde sine egne og eksterne sikkerhetskrav samtidig som de reduserer kostnadene.

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Ragnar Bull-Nielsen

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