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Volue Insight is a leading provider of data and consulting services to the European energy market. We provide customers with the insight they need to better understand the European power market by forecasting fundamentals and prices for the short-, medium- and long-term horizon. Our customers rely on our vast knowledge base, second opinions from analysts as well as cost-efficient decision support for investments in power and energy assets. We serve a large number of clients, including several of Europe's major power and energy companies and financial institutions which value the unique competence of analysts, modelling skills and market intelligence based on two decades of experience.

Volue Insight has developed a scalable cloud-based platform that efficiently manages real-time data along with a powerful API and a customised frontend. The key to success for Volue Insight is a mixture of domain knowledge, modelling skills and a commercial spirit.

Wattsight joined the Volue group in 2020 and became Volue Insight on 1 January 2021. We have a vision to lead the development of robust, safe, and sustainable technology services critical for society.

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